The Practice Transition Course for Physicians

Your guide to creating a Transition experience of renewal and fulfillment!


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Welcome to The Practice Transition Course for Physicians!

I am very excited about completing the goal of creating and making this course available to you.

This course represents the realization of my vision whereby physicians would have a substantive resource that can help them prepare for their future end of career Transition.

Whether you are looking forward to that event or not, it is certain that it is a difficult and challenging process.  That difficulty has historically been compounded by the absence of a method to learn and prepare ourselves, our families and staff for such a major life event. This course definitely changes that as it provides you with the means to plan, create and experience a positive Transition experience.

This course is unique and innovative. It combines the knowledge and experience that is unique to a physician with valuable practical information concerning practice management, leadership, business, real estate, legal considerations and other topics.

I share with you with what I have learned from my own Transition and how I successfully overcame extraordinary challenges. I have studied the relevant issues in depth and I coach colleagues. I have heard them and understand their critical needs.

The topics that I will discuss with you are essential matters of which you need to be aware and have working knowledge of in order to prepare your own Transition Plan. I present for your consideration a broad range of topics and a significant degree of practical details. Your efforts from completing this course will provide you with a solid foundation upon which to begin your path.

As I created this course I was aware of the great variability that exists among your personal, professional and medical practice needs.  I respect those differences and understand that it is not possible to provide specific advice that is applicable to an individual’s circumstances and his/her various personal, professional, business, financial and legal obligations. This course does not provide specific advice or recommendations of any kind to your particular situation. No guaranties of any particular result, including but not limited to any financial outcomes are made in this course by me or any of its contributors. It is up to you to be diligent and determine the applicability of any of the content of this course to your unique circumstance.

At times throughout this course I recommend and encourage you to seek specific advice from qualified consultants and authorities regarding medicolegal, financial and other matters you deem necessary as well as to assist you in complying with standards of medical practice, local, state, federal laws and regulations.

It is my hope that you will have a positive experience made possible by helping you create a process that is efficient, effective and provides lasting benefits to you and your family.

My best wishes to you and your family,




What my colleagues are saying...

"Physicians are trained to be experts in their particular medical field and strive to update their knowledge and expertise throughout their careers.  Most doctors are woefully ill prepared to transition to retirement or another career because of inadequate knowledge and preparation for the process.  After completing Dr. Fernandez's course, I can heartily recommend it as the template to give all physicians the tools required to make a smooth transition from your medical practice to your next chapter in life.”

Braun Graham, M. D.


“I have known Dr. Fernandez personally and professionally for the last 15 years through his long record of service to the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons in his leadership as President and mentor to other leaders a Trustee. I have always found him to be honest and ethical. His leadership in both the Florida and national plastic surgery communities is unparalleled. He brings a unique skill set with organizational and interpersonal skills that many of us can only dream of. I have always been impressed by Dr. Fernandez's ability to think outside the box. I can recommend him without reservation and would be happy to discuss his qualifications at your discretion.”

John J. O'Brien, Jr., M.D.

Course Description

This Online Course Consists of Seven Modules, Twenty-Two Lessons:

  1. Transition Principles
  2. Personal Considerations
  3. Professional Considerations
  4. Administrative Preparations
  5. Business Matters
  6. Real Estate
  7. Legal Matters

Each Lesson is Presented Via Audio and Text

  • Listen to audios on desktop or download for mobile devices
  • Read or download detailed printable outline of each lesson

Resources Section

  • Download actionable, customizable checklists
  • Additional Transition information



Complimentary Consultation with:

  • Enrique J. Fernandez, M. D., President-Founder, Inspiring Effective Leadership

- A free coaching hour with me to help you decide upon your goals for the year and the most effective way to accomplish them.

Kathy Hargreaves, CPA, Principal - Kerkering & Barberio 

  • Christopher Nuland, Esq. - Nuland Law

Interview with the Expert

  • Hear my Interview with Christopher Nuland, Esq.

Complimentary Copy of my eBook:

  • Words and Wonders, Inspiration from Nature and the Words of Man
  • Author: Enrique J. Fernandez, M. D. 

I addition to your ability to download the course contents, you will have full access to the course content for at least one year from the time of purchase.

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Here it is: if you are not satisfied and you request a refund within thirty (30) days from your date of purchase, I will give you a full refund…period.

You can start by enrolling in this course right now. I am confident it will be a great decision on your part.

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